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Hi all! In case you are wondering why I’m stopping to blog here, the reason is I’m moving to a new blog to continue my blogging…….http://mamamiethots.blogspot.com


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Woohoo! finally the new Nokia N82 is mine, the phone which has GPS function (quite useful for me coz I’m quite bad in memorising those roads and I’m not very good in reading maps..haha!). After so many years of using different brands of mobile phones, still thumbs up for Nokia phones! I’m not trying to do free advertising for them, but Nokia phone’s functions is still quite user-friendly for me. So now, hello to Nokia N82 & bye bye to Nokia 6280.  


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3-sided Toothbrush?

Happened to see this interesting 3-sided toothbrush during shopping and was enticed by the innovative idea. As a curious consumer, I bought a few home to try out.  Apparently, I do not need to move my toothbrush in various direction, just place the toothbrush on our teeth and move in left & right direction..tat’s all! Isn’t it cool?

The 3-sided toothbrush is able to wrap around our teeth and brush without any hassle. We can also able to adjust the softness of the brush by soaking the toothbrush in warm water for a few minutes. But once it’s soften, you can’t revert it back to hard bristle again.


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Speed Typing Test

I came across this speed test website and was very curious to know how fast I could type on the keyboard. My result turned out to be 324 characters per minute = 61 words per minute. Obviously I’m not the best and there’s still room for improvement…:) Children can get free typing lesson online as well, cool!

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flag.gifIn all my 30 years as a Malaysian, finally I had the chance to cast my vote for the election day. Although I only stayed in Malaysia till I was about 8 years old and was sent to Singapore for education then to Melbourne for 3 years of university education and finally came back to Singapore to work & to start a family! Basically more than half of my life I was away from the country, of course I did go back occasionally for holidays and visit relatives in various parts of Malaysia.

Although it was an exciting day for me, but the mass traffic jam at the custom was terrible. Partly was due to the escape of one of the Singapore’s wanted man and the school holidays also started on the same day. Most of the Singaporean were rushing into Malaysia for holidays. We were stucked at the Singapore custom for 2 hours but was glad that Malaysia custom traffic flow was quite smooth. By the time we reached Johor, we were famished and went to grab a bite at one of those higher class kopitiam. Although the environment was cleaner than the normal kopitiam, but the food was bleh!!! Then we were off to 2 different places to cast our votes. After voting was done, we went for a light snack & headed home to rest. Phew!

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Happy V-Day..

This year I had a very special valentine’s day (I’m not saying the past year wasn’t special :P), because hubby bought me a LV bag (Neverfull MM) from France (it’s big & spacious, enough for me to use as diaper bag cum working bag). Just nice his company sent him there for a week on biz trip. Muahaha! It’s not that I never use any LV stuff before (my mother bought me a wallet, coin pouch & a pochette last time). At first he wasn’t sure he will have the time to go to LV boutique, but he decided to extend 1 more day to meet up with his friend in Paris & do some shopping at the very last minute. Since he was there, he wanted to buy me a bag (at least it’s cheaper than Singapore by a few hundred dollars) to satisfy my materialistic needs.

On V-day, I thought it’s going to be a boring day again but in the late evening we managed to get out of the house to do some shopping & eating without bringing the kids along (after I put our ger to sleep & my mum helped to look after our boy). Since I have the $100 Starhub discount voucher to continue my subcription plan, I decided to use it and buy a HTC S730 phone (with Qwerty keypad) for hubby. His Motorola phone was getting quite retarted these days (coz our boy like to fiddle with hubby’s phone, dropped here & there), and deducted the voucher and trade-in the old phone, I just need to top-up some money. While waiting in the queue, I was so hungry that we decided to get the free Haagen-dazs ice-cream (voucher sponsored by my SIL). Personally, I don’t really like those touch screen phone becoz it’s not very user friendly to drivers, so I chose this model for him. I like it and he like it too! Hmm…maybe when it’s my turn to change my handphone, I might consider getting the same model as hubby’s..muahaha!

By the time we finished everything at Starhub (which took almost 2 hours), all the restaurants were closed for the day. Our only option is to go to Mac Donald’s and get a quick bite before heading home to rest.  

 P/S: Thank you hubby for pampering me with such a lavish gift!

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DIY 鱼生

My 1st attempt on the Yu Sheng by myself at home. Presentation so-so only! I shredded some cucumber & carrot, but apparently I forgot to drain away the moisture from the vege thus made the Yu Sheng a bit more wet than the ones we had outside. Oops! Well…at least it’s better than nothing rite? I used a can of abalone instead of the usual raw fish, yummy!


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