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Only managed to BF my 1st child for 3 months due to insufficient research and lack of determination. This time round, I had done some research on BF, and hopefully I can have a smooth BF experience with my 2nd baby.

BF pumps- Previously I bought a travel single pump from Medela, totally regretted buying it. The motor was weak and after pumping for less than 10 minutes it stopped functioning. Quite frustrated and unable to establish ample supply of BM. This time round, recommended by some mummies that Medela PIS & Ameda brands are quite good.

1)Medela PIS pricing is quite steep, but I managed to find cheaper one from this website (http://www.firstfewyears.com.sg), the only setback is they are using the US adapter, therefore has to use a transformer.

2)Ameda pumps are quite popular, light-weight and dual pump. You can get it by ordering online from this website (http://www.momsinmind.com.sg) or try to look out for it during Robinsons sale. They do have special discounts for Robinsons credit card holder. In fact, I bought mine from Robinsons sale and it was worth the money as it came with some freebies. 🙂

This time I bought a few more nursing bras & more BF pads, because it’s too troublesome to undress a normal bra during BF. Morever, hygiene is very important as we tend to perspire more during confinement period and need to change our clothing more often than usual.

Breasts have some slight leaking symptoms for a few months already before the delivery, gynae told me that it’s very normal as it happens to some women during pregnancy. But please do not pump out unnecessary unless you feel engorge k! Hopefully, all my efforts will not go down the drain again.


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Yesterday, our dear son finally called out “papa” for so many times in a day after so many months of endless attempt. Obviously, my hubby’s first reaction was shocked, subsequently was happiness and laughter. 

Deep down in my heart, I knew our boy understood a lot of things and knew how to express out verbally, but it seemed that he’s only willing to say out whenever he wanted to. He does not like to be controlled by others and liked to be in control.

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20th Months Old…

YanShang who has just turned 20 months old started feeding himself with baby biscuit, hooray! Maybe I’m an over-protective mummy, always worry that he will choke himself while feeding by himself. But I guess all these worries are really unnecessary after seeing what he did yesterday. He was enjoying his snack so much that he kept requesting one after another. Our little boy has really grown up and in future he’s going to teach his little sis how to feed herself with biscuit.


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