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New Toy

Yesterday was a very carefree day, decided to bring Yanshang out for window shopping. I saw this very educational toy at Taka which was meant for age 2+. Well…decided to buy since it was on offer and let my boy has additional option to play & test his IQ when he’s bored at home.


After shopping, he was carrying the paperbag like a pro and waving to some passerby while walking in the shopping centre. Looks like Mr Universe waving to all his supporters….haha 😛 



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Maid Dilemma

Recently I have employed an Indo Maid, so as to be able to lighten some of my mum’s workload at home and she will be able to focus on taking good care of our little boy.

Within 2 days, our dear son is able to call out the maid’s name accurately (we told him the maid’s name is kakak), and his tone is so soft and gentle. And he will smile and run to her whenever he has the chance to do so. Sometimes we have to beg him to call “papa” or “mama” and he will do so once in a blue moon. 

Nowadays, I believe that children are quite mentally smart , they will tend to cling towards to the other person who do not raise their voice or discipline him. They know they are in control and won’t get scoldings if they are naughty! After weeks of frustration, I finally found a solution to stop all this nonsense:

1) I will instruct the maid not to come near and carry the boy away when we are disciplining him, so that he won’t have a chance to feel that there’s someone to back him up when he’s in trouble.

2) My mum is using the softer approach to communicate with our boy.

3) I will try to seperate the chance for interaction between the maid and our boy.

Phew! Now our dear son is more clingy to my mother, and hardly go and look for the maid when he cries. Really hope all our efforts will not go to waste again! 😛

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Recently Yanshang likes to wear Ah Ma’s slippers at home, walking around like big adult!

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Quite some time ago, we’ve been trying to teach our little boy the names of different body part, but either he will displays his lack of interest or tries to do other stuff to distract himself from the lesson. Sometimes, I would just give up halfway and dunno what else I can do. But one morning, my boy suddenly was able to point to all the different body parts when my mum said out the names. It was an excellent news to me because it proved that my boy actually do listen to what we said / teached and I was fooled by him 😛

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It’s mummy’s b’day yesterday, been searching high and low for a nice place to have a decent quiet dinner. Finally decided to dine at a Jap restaurant because mummy like Shahimi…

First thing that captured my attention is the name of this restaurant, it’s very unique and heard that “Kamameshi” (which is quite similar to chinese version of claypot rice) is quite popular over there. Since I never tried it before although I’ve been to Japan (four times )so far, and I’m sick & tired of Jap buffet / ala-carte buffet style. The location is located at Wheelock place and it was easily accessible by MRT / bus.

To be safe, I made a reservation at 7pm. By the time we reached there, there were lots of young people (mostly yuppies) having dinner, chit-chatting & chilled out for the night. We were lead to a nice corner with a baby chair provided, it was nice of them to isolate us from the crowd because our dear son would definately make a lot of noise during dinner time. We ordered Unagi & Asari Kamameshi/ Salmon Kamameshi/ Tori Chawanmushi (for baby)/ Shashimi Mori & Kushi Mori. The server put a mini hour glass on top of the Kamameshi cover to indicate when the dish is ready to be consumed. The portion was not very big but it was enough to fill up my stomach. My hubby who has worked in Jap before told me that the Kamameshi in Japan actually came in a set with a bowl miso soup and some side dishes. But in Singapore it was just the main dish with a few slices of pickles. The worst part was I could only droll when I watched my hubby & mummy finishing up all the Shashimi.. 😦 (more…)

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Ah ma: Did u know what ur son just did?

Myself: What happen? (Thinking that Yanshang must have done something drastically)

Ah ma: Ur son hor, now can push the play yard over and get out of it? Now there’s no way to keep him still in a place anymore…Guess we have to put him back into the playpen.

Sigh! Kids nowadays are very clever, they will try to find all the ways and means to get out no matter how hard you try to lock them up. Obviously, Yanshang is very happy because he has found a way to overcome the obstacle. But luckily the play yard is made of plastic material, if not I don’t think there’s any way he has the strength to push it down.


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