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Last Injection…

dsc01151.JPGFinally the day has come, YanShang is having his final injection for Hep A & Booster shot. He has gained another 1kg and now weighs 13kg, and height is 87.3cm…he is consider quite tall and not over weight for his age. I am very fortunate that our little boy has no problem when taking his jab since newborn. He never cries and the GP always praised him after his jab for being a brave boy. As a concerned mother, I checked with the GP if there’s any new injection that need to be taken after these 2 final jab. Relieved to hear that he won’t need to take anymore jab until he reached primary one. Phew!



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Baby YanShang

studio-1.jpgTime passes so fast, our little Junior Lim has already turned 18 months already. I have been wanting to create a blog to note down the growing stages of our little boy and very soon our little baby girl who is coming into this world in June 2007 (the year of Golden Pig). It has been an exciting and tiring motherhood experience for me ever since September 2005. He has brought joy & laughter to our lives & always brighten up my day when I’m feeling down. (more…)

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