Moving To A New Blog

Hi all! In case you are wondering why I’m stopping to blog here, the reason is I’m moving to a new blog to continue my blogging…….http://mamamiethots.blogspot.com


Toilet Training

Sometimes I wonder whether it’s every parent’s nightmare or worries to start toilet training their children. Our little boy is 30 months old already, and it’s time to toilet train him slowly. Previously I have tried doing that for a couple of times with him but I gave up due to lack of patience. But after reading the email replied from the Nursery’s principal, she expected our boy to be toilet trained by the time the school term starts next year. Counting the days and months I have left, I started to feel panicky about it.

Mommy: YanShang! you are big boy now, don’t wear diaper okay?

YanShang: Okay! I want to wear shorts.

Mommy: Okay (happily took off the diaper and put on the shorts for him), you want to wee wee must tell mommy, then mommy bring you to the toilet and shh shh okay?

YanShang: Okay!

5 minutes later….

Mommy: Do you want to shh shh?

Yanshang: No!

Every 5 minutes, asking the same question to YanShang but the answer is still a “NO”! Suddenly a pool of urine appeared on the floor, Yanshang gave a stunned look and then looked at Mommy….

Mommy: Aiyoh! Why before wee wee don’t want to tell mommy? (quickly went to take a cloth to wipe off the mess on the floor) *faint*

In the end, mommy surrender and went to take a new diaper and put it on again! Sigh!

Well….I guess I have to give him more time and I need to have more patience with him if not he’ll never ever get to learn how to wee wee in the toilet.


Saw an interesting article on the internet on Toilet-Shaped House, this was built by the World Toilet Association in Korea. Imagine yourself living in a gigantic toilet..minus away the wee wee & poo poo…hehe!


Woohoo! finally the new Nokia N82 is mine, the phone which has GPS function (quite useful for me coz I’m quite bad in memorising those roads and I’m not very good in reading maps..haha!). After so many years of using different brands of mobile phones, still thumbs up for Nokia phones! I’m not trying to do free advertising for them, but Nokia phone’s functions is still quite user-friendly for me. So now, hello to Nokia N82 & bye bye to Nokia 6280.  


Just recovered…

Past few weeks was quite hectic for me, both little darlings were sick for the past weeks. Firstly, it was kor kor who was down with running nose & slight cough (suspecting he caught the illness from the playgroup). Subsequently, mei mei also got the flu & cough plus fever somemore….*faint*!

Mei mei’s fever was up and down for a few days and got us worried, I was pratically in and out of the Kid’s Clinic for a few times with the children. Luckily, kor kor recovered quite fast but mei mei took a while becoz she was down with viral infection and had viral rash outbreak on her hands, sigh! It was quite tiring for me during that period as I had to go to work and had to bring them to the clinic to see PD after work. Now everything is back to normal…


3-sided Toothbrush?

Happened to see this interesting 3-sided toothbrush during shopping and was enticed by the innovative idea. As a curious consumer, I bought a few home to try out.  Apparently, I do not need to move my toothbrush in various direction, just place the toothbrush on our teeth and move in left & right direction..tat’s all! Isn’t it cool?

The 3-sided toothbrush is able to wrap around our teeth and brush without any hassle. We can also able to adjust the softness of the brush by soaking the toothbrush in warm water for a few minutes. But once it’s soften, you can’t revert it back to hard bristle again.


Cheeky girl

We all know that it’s quite dangerous to put lots of toys into the playpen with the child without any supervision. Therefore, I put only 1 or 2 toys in the playpen for ger ger to play just in case she’s bored. Guess what I saw? She put her leg thru the toy and fell asleep with it…


Speed Typing Test

I came across this speed test website and was very curious to know how fast I could type on the keyboard. My result turned out to be 324 characters per minute = 61 words per minute. Obviously I’m not the best and there’s still room for improvement…:) Children can get free typing lesson online as well, cool!