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Flipped over finally!

After constant trying, she finally succeded :


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Flip around (4+ mths)

On 21.10.07, our little princess started trying to flip her body and lie on her tummy. Almost succeeded, just a little bit more of practise and she’ll achieve it soon.

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Hubby: “Dear, how come you stop recording down our children’s development phases?”

Me: “I did lah! Well..only for our son. I still keep the notebook though. As for our daughter, I don’t really have the time & mood to do it every now & then.” (Feeling a bit guilty)

I remembered when I was first pregnant, I was so excited that I had a small notebook & diary to note down the pregnancy phase. After my son was born, I will record down his development phases and all the little details about him. But ever since we had number 2, life has been a bit chaotic & busy that I did not really have the enthusiatic to do it anymore. I decided to create a blog so that I’m able to show to my children in future. Writing in a book can be a bit of a hassle now and felt that by writing it on a blog, they can share the happiness together whenever they felt like reading it online.

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After so many months of having an additional helper (maid) in the house, it seems to me that it’s useless to have one in the end. In fact, it gives me more headache and stress at home. Having no privacy at home is actually a problem for me,and I have to take care of her meals and accommodation. It’s not easy to find a suitable helper because not all of them likes to take care of housework and children, they went overseas to work because they are force to earn more money and not because they really like the job. They won’t put in their 100% effort to take good care of your children or to keep the house in tip-top condition. They just do for the sake of doing!

I really wish one day I can quit my job and stay at home to look after my children. Although I will be tired but at least I won’t have to be afraid of leaving them under a stranger’s supervision. When will this DAY come? I wonder….

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Today is our 5th year wedding anniversary..since we can’t have a nice romantic dinner (due to family commitment), I’ve decided to have a “romantic” Mackel breakfast with my hubby instead 😛

In the past, I always thought that romantic celebration has to be in a posh restaurant with nice ambience. Give each other nice gifts unnecessary! But ever since we got married, I start to realise that as long as we enjoy each other company, celebration still can be as enjoyable even if we are dining in hawker centres or fast food joints. Our gifts to each other is priceless (our children). We don’t believe so much in pampering too much in ourselves, nor do we want to splurge unnecessary on luxuries / technie stuff.  

I’m glad we have found each other in a foreign land and able to walk down the road together for the rest of our lives….

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Time flies..each day passes by so quickly that sometimes I wish time can stop for a while & let me take a breath slowly. Endless nights of feeding & diaper changing has definately made me realised that motherhood is not that easy at all.

In the past, people always say the more the merrier and it’s a piece of cake to take care of a few children together. Now, nobody dare to boast about it anymore. Every generation is different and children nowadays are smarter & attention seeking level is higher, they are not so “gong-gong” anymore.

Ever since I walk into the motherhood zone, it has changed me physically & mentally.

1) More train lines appeared on my face (no time to do facials)

2) 26 inch waistline has increased so much that I don’t even dare to measure anymore

3) Used to wear size XS / S, but now…I’m happy if I can fit into size M / L

4) No more manicure service to pamper myself…

5) Hardly shop for myself anymore…

Seems like the list is endless…..sigh!

A salute to all mothers in the World!

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