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29th Months Old

Our little boy has turned 29th months old, now he is older & wiser, he has started to do a few things by himself. For example: wearing his shoes, eating by his own….and now he starts to learn how to remove his own clothing. Good job!



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Update on Prince YS…


 bag2.jpg bag3.jpg 

Isn’t this mini doggy luggage bag adorable? Hubby bought this bag about 1 year ago in Japan Osaka for our little boy. Since now our little prince has grown up, it’s time we let him learn how to keep his own stuff in his bag and pull it around looking like a traveller…haha!


Hubby’s department had organised a BBQ at Pasir Ris in early January. We left our girl with my mum @ home, so we brought our son to experience his 1st BBQ. Here were some snap shots of the day…our boy has really grown up, he even walked like a mature adult.

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Day 1 (02/01/08)-Orientation day…

Our little prince wore his own home clothing to school, teacher & parent briefing session, children played a bit of toys, parents bought uniforms for children…


Day 2 (03/01/08)

Our prince woke up from his morning nap , took his milk, changed into his uniform, carried his own bag, wore his own shoes & got ready to go to school. The moment the school door opened, all the children were led into the classroon, I started to hear cries sound from everywhere. Some parents would accompany their child into the classroom, some would just go away. I was quite worried that our prince was one of them, but when I peeped thru the door’s see through glass, he was playing by himself already…Good job! Eventually he did cry a little in the middle of the lesson as he spotted me looking at him through the see through window…I quickly went into hiding! I heard him crying and calling “mama” a couple of times & he stopped eventually. Phew!


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New style..

In the past, ds liked to use his own hands to bang his head or bang his head against anything when he was throwing tantrums. I tried to ignore it and he realised that this method did not work anymore. Recently, He will lie down facing the floor and cry until very “cham”…..I wonder what pattern he will come up with next!


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Here are some of ds colouring masterpieces….


Looking very concentrated to complete all his “masterpiece”

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Self Introduction

After one week of holiday in Kuantan & KL, our 27 months old ds has shown great improvement in his self-introduction.

Me: 你叫什么名?

YS: 林焱上

Me: 今年几岁?

YS: 两岁

Me: 林焱上!

YS: 到!

Before this trip, I tried to teach him how to self-intro but ds seemed to be unwilling to answer my questions properly. Now he’s able to answer us correctly, all thanks to my 阿姨 & her family for being so patient to our ds when he was staying over at their house during the holiday trip. 

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Recovering well…

xmickeysick.gifPast few days have been quite hectic & panicky for us, as our dear son started to fall sick ever since Monday. His fever has been on & off for a while & always point to his mouth complaining of pain. Initially my mum suspects he might be having gum ache / infection due to my carelessness while I was cleaning his teeth & gums.

After giving paracetamol & suppository to him, he was recovering well. But I decided to bring him to see the kid’s specialist again yesterday to get some reassurance from the PD. Our favourite PD Lim was not on duty so had to consult PD Tan instead. Our son was not very co-operative throughout the whole consultation and was crying, maybe he is not used to PD Tan’s way of handling. After some struggle, the PD Tan told me he has slight viral infection & has an ulcer in his mouth. (Now I know why he keeps complaining pain in his mouth!) So for the time being, no cakes, biscuits & heaty tidbits for him.

Our dear son hardly falls sick and we always try to keep the house clean, tidy & safe for him to roam about freely. Always try give him the best nutrients he can get since young, hoping that he will grow up healthy & strong. But an occasional freak out episode, do remind us that certain food is not advisable to consume too much at this stage.

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