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Crazy mama!

A few weeks ago, we were invited by my hubby’s long time friends to attend their son’s 1 yr old B’day party. We brought along our 2 precious to join in the fun as well. Normally friends who are married with or without children will casually ask each other about parenthood …..babies….blah blah blah!

Friend: What is difference between having 1 children and 2 children?

Hubby: No difference lah! Only my wife “Ki Siao” (goes crazy)

It was quite hilarious when they told me about it. I was quite amused with my hubby’s answer and wasn’t angry with him at all, because what he said was quite true!Haha…

Gradually as childrens grow up, they tend to have their own mindset to do this and that. As a cautious mummy, I became quite naggy & fierce during dicipline time. My voice in the house starts to become louder & louder (hoping the whole block would not hear my voice)! I guess it’s part of learning process for me & my family…


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Pepper Lunch

We were shopping at Taka yesterday & decided to lunch at the food court. However, all the seats were taken up so we decided to lunch at restaurants in the end. Initially we took a number at the Crystal Jade Restaurant but the queue was very long, so hubby suggested to take a walk around the area just to pass the waiting time.

We passed by the Pepper Lunch  & was captivated by the menu. Everything looked so tempting & delicious, so we decided to give it a try. Hubby ordered a Beef Pepper Rice & I ordered a Salmon Pepper Rice without pepper (Well…I’m sharing the food with our son). We grilled the meat to our own requirements & stirred everything together..viola! It’s really nice & yummy + service staffs were friendly & nice….no regrets at all!  


Father & Son posing together while waiting for the meals to come!


Salmon Pepper Rice (without pepper)


Beef Pepper Rice


Burp! What a nice lunch!

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Our little princess just had her 2nd pneumococcal vaccination yesterday again. The clinic assistant reaction was “Wah! your girl’s body so long hor!”, when she was measuring my ger’s height & weight. As a parent, I’m very pleased with her development. Now her weight is 8.1kg & height is 72.3cm..even her PD commented that she’s much taller than her own bro last time . Guess our little princess really has the father’s gene…:) 

A jab of pneumococcal charged at $170, but for the children’s health sake we can’t avoid saving this sort of expenses. Our little ger responded very well infront of PD Lim. We were so amused by her reaction when I put her down onto the bed, her position was the same throughout the whole examination. She dared not move or make any sound, only just kept staring at PD Lim until everything was finished. Well! She did make a bit of noise when PD Lim injected the thing into her buttock!

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Our new car …


Our new car has finally arrived…a garnet red Subaru Impreza. Red colour, heng heng..huat ah! Just in time for CNY…Gong Xi Gong Xi Gong Xi Ni…!


Father & son had their last photo shoot with Mazda 6…Bye..

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Update on Prince YS…


 bag2.jpg bag3.jpg 

Isn’t this mini doggy luggage bag adorable? Hubby bought this bag about 1 year ago in Japan Osaka for our little boy. Since now our little prince has grown up, it’s time we let him learn how to keep his own stuff in his bag and pull it around looking like a traveller…haha!


Hubby’s department had organised a BBQ at Pasir Ris in early January. We left our girl with my mum @ home, so we brought our son to experience his 1st BBQ. Here were some snap shots of the day…our boy has really grown up, he even walked like a mature adult.

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Day 1 (02/01/08)-Orientation day…

Our little prince wore his own home clothing to school, teacher & parent briefing session, children played a bit of toys, parents bought uniforms for children…


Day 2 (03/01/08)

Our prince woke up from his morning nap , took his milk, changed into his uniform, carried his own bag, wore his own shoes & got ready to go to school. The moment the school door opened, all the children were led into the classroon, I started to hear cries sound from everywhere. Some parents would accompany their child into the classroom, some would just go away. I was quite worried that our prince was one of them, but when I peeped thru the door’s see through glass, he was playing by himself already…Good job! Eventually he did cry a little in the middle of the lesson as he spotted me looking at him through the see through window…I quickly went into hiding! I heard him crying and calling “mama” a couple of times & he stopped eventually. Phew!


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Presents from UK

GuGu & GuZhan went on a holiday to UK & Spain, and they bought toys for our 2 little darlings…Thank you!


Sharing the toys…


Presents for Prince
Present for princess…

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