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Yesterday was our princess’s vaccination day, I had already sheduled her appointment with PD Lim to have her 6 in 1 jab + Prevenar jab…so Yong Qing was going to take 2 injections on her right & left buttock. Actually I’m quite worried because I would not know if she will react the same way as her brother. For my record, her brother never once cry when he took his vaccinations. Futhermore, she will be taking 2 jabs instead of 1. She was reacting very well during the whole process and never shed any tears too…which was a huge relief for me! PD Lim was assessing her development and told me that everything was very good. She can even start doing a bit of the tripod sitting position but still not fully stable yet (normally baby who reach 7 months will start to do this), now her weight is 7.6kg and height 69.5cm….very healthy girl 🙂


However, this morning she had slight fever….so time for barley drinks and lots of rest from now on…..


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Our little princess can finally hold the milk bottle steadily on her own before she turn 5 months. Since born, ger ger always like to use her hands to hold the bottle, grap whatever within her reach and put in her mouth. She even likes to play with her pacifier by pulling in & out by her own…Smart Girl!


I can’t help smiling at her and quickly took a few snapshots while she was drinking her milk milk!

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Recovering well…

xmickeysick.gifPast few days have been quite hectic & panicky for us, as our dear son started to fall sick ever since Monday. His fever has been on & off for a while & always point to his mouth complaining of pain. Initially my mum suspects he might be having gum ache / infection due to my carelessness while I was cleaning his teeth & gums.

After giving paracetamol & suppository to him, he was recovering well. But I decided to bring him to see the kid’s specialist again yesterday to get some reassurance from the PD. Our favourite PD Lim was not on duty so had to consult PD Tan instead. Our son was not very co-operative throughout the whole consultation and was crying, maybe he is not used to PD Tan’s way of handling. After some struggle, the PD Tan told me he has slight viral infection & has an ulcer in his mouth. (Now I know why he keeps complaining pain in his mouth!) So for the time being, no cakes, biscuits & heaty tidbits for him.

Our dear son hardly falls sick and we always try to keep the house clean, tidy & safe for him to roam about freely. Always try give him the best nutrients he can get since young, hoping that he will grow up healthy & strong. But an occasional freak out episode, do remind us that certain food is not advisable to consume too much at this stage.

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yq121107.jpg ys121107.jpg

Sitting in the BUMBO seat!

yq121107-01.jpg ys121107-01.jpg

Flipping stage!

No matter which angle I observe, some features still look very similar.  

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YS: Mummy, 乖乖 (pointing to the thing he wanted)

Me: Okay! 乖乖,你要乖乖,要听话。那个不可以动。

YS: 我乖乖,乖乖 (still very persistent & started crying)

Our boy is getting smarter nowadays, he knows that he will be rewarded or get the thing he desire when he’s well behave. I always tell him to be well behave so that I will buy this for him, give him that! So maybe he misinterpret the meaning of 乖乖, sigh! Certain thing that is too dangerous for him is still a “no-no” from me.

*Sorry my son, I guess certain things in life you still have to wait till you’re sensible enough to handle! It’s not mummy wants to restrict your needs / wants, but when the time is right, I will give it to you without you asking.  

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Indonesian Cuisine on 04.11.07

It was one of those rare occasion that we will bring our children out & meet up with our common friends for lunch & drinks. If I can recall, I haven’t really step into Clarke Quay area for ages. One of our friends had decided to dine at the Riverside Indonesian Restaurant located at Riverside Point. I always see the advertisement on TV, but never have the chance to try out their food. Majority of the food are barbecued, spicy & hot! It was a good experience to indulge ourselves in barbecue food though (although it’s not very healthy 😛 ). After that, we went to brewerks located just next door to have a drink in the open space area. The weather was a bit windy & warm, and the scenario reminded us that we used to sit at those cafe (located by the side of Yarra river in melbourne) sipping our hot latte / beer. Sigh! How time flies…

Well…I do hope we have these sort of outings once in a while. Although I felt tiring, but it was good to come out and relax with friends.

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Who look like who?

People always like to compare babies’ looks against their parents’ looks. Some people will comment that the baby looks more like the mother / father , whatever k! 

I came across this in one of my friend’s blog and decided to take a test to see which of our children resemble more to the mummy or daddy’s look! So no more question to whom our children resemble more like who?

look-alike-2.jpg   look-alike-1.jpg

Seems like both our children look equally alike like us! Yeah!

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