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Pepper Lunch

We were shopping at Taka yesterday & decided to lunch at the food court. However, all the seats were taken up so we decided to lunch at restaurants in the end. Initially we took a number at the Crystal Jade Restaurant but the queue was very long, so hubby suggested to take a walk around the area just to pass the waiting time.

We passed by the Pepper Lunch  & was captivated by the menu. Everything looked so tempting & delicious, so we decided to give it a try. Hubby ordered a Beef Pepper Rice & I ordered a Salmon Pepper Rice without pepper (Well…I’m sharing the food with our son). We grilled the meat to our own requirements & stirred everything together..viola! It’s really nice & yummy + service staffs were friendly & nice….no regrets at all!  


Father & Son posing together while waiting for the meals to come!


Salmon Pepper Rice (without pepper)


Beef Pepper Rice


Burp! What a nice lunch!


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Recently, hubby bought me the Baileys limited edition at the DFS during one of his biz trips back to Singapore….reminded myself that I used to buy a bottle of Baileys at the Melbourne airport whenever my school holidays ended. Whenever I felt stressed out during examination / assignments period, I will consume some by myself for relaxation purpose.

For the limited edition, they had came out with 2 new flavours (caramel & peppermint)…yummy yummy!



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Bad Service

Christmas eve…after we had passed all the x’mas presents to our niece & cousin nephews. My hubby decided to have the famous nasi lemak near hougang area…… Terrible mistake!

Hubby: Auntie, can give me more cucumber? (Translated from Mandarin)

Seller: You come here to eat cucumber or nasi lemak? (Translated from Mandarin)

Wah seh…nowadays seller so “hao lian” meh? My jaw almost dropped when my hubby told me what happened. I always thought that customers are always right and they should always try to satisfy the customer’s needs & wants. In my heart I was quite pissed with the nasi lemak auntie…even if she did not want to give extra cucumber, at least try to be a bit more polite and not “suan” people until like that. It’s not as if they are the only nasi lemak seller in Singapore, rite? Since their service is so terrible, I don’t foresee that we will be going back for their so called “famous” nasi lemak anymore…!

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Breakfast @ Han’s on a public holiday…..Shiok shiok…At least better than the premises we went a couple of weeks ago @ Compasspoint..the price was expensive and the portion was pathetic.


Little prince enjoying his jelly…
Little princess enjoying her beauty sleep…

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Indonesian Cuisine on 04.11.07

It was one of those rare occasion that we will bring our children out & meet up with our common friends for lunch & drinks. If I can recall, I haven’t really step into Clarke Quay area for ages. One of our friends had decided to dine at the Riverside Indonesian Restaurant located at Riverside Point. I always see the advertisement on TV, but never have the chance to try out their food. Majority of the food are barbecued, spicy & hot! It was a good experience to indulge ourselves in barbecue food though (although it’s not very healthy 😛 ). After that, we went to brewerks located just next door to have a drink in the open space area. The weather was a bit windy & warm, and the scenario reminded us that we used to sit at those cafe (located by the side of Yarra river in melbourne) sipping our hot latte / beer. Sigh! How time flies…

Well…I do hope we have these sort of outings once in a while. Although I felt tiring, but it was good to come out and relax with friends.

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It’s mummy’s b’day yesterday, been searching high and low for a nice place to have a decent quiet dinner. Finally decided to dine at a Jap restaurant because mummy like Shahimi…

First thing that captured my attention is the name of this restaurant, it’s very unique and heard that “Kamameshi” (which is quite similar to chinese version of claypot rice) is quite popular over there. Since I never tried it before although I’ve been to Japan (four times )so far, and I’m sick & tired of Jap buffet / ala-carte buffet style. The location is located at Wheelock place and it was easily accessible by MRT / bus.

To be safe, I made a reservation at 7pm. By the time we reached there, there were lots of young people (mostly yuppies) having dinner, chit-chatting & chilled out for the night. We were lead to a nice corner with a baby chair provided, it was nice of them to isolate us from the crowd because our dear son would definately make a lot of noise during dinner time. We ordered Unagi & Asari Kamameshi/ Salmon Kamameshi/ Tori Chawanmushi (for baby)/ Shashimi Mori & Kushi Mori. The server put a mini hour glass on top of the Kamameshi cover to indicate when the dish is ready to be consumed. The portion was not very big but it was enough to fill up my stomach. My hubby who has worked in Jap before told me that the Kamameshi in Japan actually came in a set with a bowl miso soup and some side dishes. But in Singapore it was just the main dish with a few slices of pickles. The worst part was I could only droll when I watched my hubby & mummy finishing up all the Shashimi.. 😦 (more…)

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