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I can’t believe it, within a week and our ger ger has grown so much inside my womb. Now she is almost 3.2kg, and the discomfort is getting more and more as the day passes. Gynae asked me to reconsider about ceasarian option, and it make me feel a bit lost at that moment. After some serious discussion with my hubby and whole night of thinking, I felt at ease to go ahead with Plan A (Natural birth), otherwise I can always fall back on Plan B (ceasarian) if necessary.

I don’t deny that I’m actually in a state of fear, especially at this crucial stage. But I want to prove to myself, my hubby & our little baby girl that at least I want to try and not taking the easy way out. I’m sure our ger ger will give me the courage to be strong and pull through no matter what happens!


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Yanshang is turning 2 this year, I can’t deny the fact that he has reach the “terrible twos stage”. Previously, I was warned by Yanshang’s PD that they will reach a stage where they will start to throw tantrums, bang their head..etc! It never occur to me that our little boy actually starts to show these signs even before he turns 2. This period is quite straining for parents and the people around him. Plus, I’m pregnant during this period makes me even harder to manage him.

Occasionally, I will try to be stern with him by giving “time out” session by putting him into the playyard so that he can reflect on his mistakes. He will feel remorseful for a while and then back to square one when he’s released out of the playyard. Sometimes I will use the softer approach to talk to him instead of the spanking method, but nothing seems to work. I hope he will becomes better and be able to set a good example when his little sis is out of mama’s womb.  

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Baby weighs around 2.7kg now, feeling a bit relieved when gynae told me that I can try to have natural birth. Cross my fingers that there will be no last min emergency ceasarian..sigh! Tummy is getting bigger & baby is getting more active, putting more pressure on my tummy & legs.

I tend to get worried before delivery..am I thinking too much? Maybe! That is why for the past weeks I have been controlling my diet, less chocolates! haha!     

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I went for my gynae visit this week, everything is normal and baby is progressing quite well. Her weight has now increased to 2.5kg, super active & likes to rest on my right side of the womb. Constant feeling of the whole “thing” dropping out from the bottom & slight pain, but gynae reassured me that everything will be fine. Next appointment will be next week, hopefully everything is fine…

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