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Blabbering stage…


Time passes very fast….3 months have passed and our little girl is already 6.4kg and 62cm in height. Her acne problem is getting better except occasional outbreaks, although PD has prescribed face cream for her but it is not much of help really. She suggested me to use hazeline snow cream to help to minimize the problem and it will be cooling on the face (put in the fridge)…so I went to buy one bottle for ah girl! Suprisingly, it did help…

She is progressing very well and even her PD commented that her neck is very strong and very responsive to her surroundings. Whenever we try to talk to her, she will blabber non stop…sometimes she will smile and laugh out loud!


Our cheeky boy is growing up well and now he weighs 14kg. Since the arrival of his little sis, he has been quite temperemental and noisy at home. One moment he is a doting brother, the next minute he will throw his temper and demand this and that…hopefully this is just a passing phase for him.


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