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8 months old

img_0342.jpgOur princess has turned 8 months already…so fast! Now she can say “mum-mum” during feeding time. She likes music and will mumble a few sounds out. She likes to clap her hands when she hears music or if we ask her to do it. Always like to smile and laugh and play…likes shopping (will sit in the stroller for a long time without complaints unless she’s hungry for milk)!


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Miss Fussy!

I have never tried feeding my children during the early stages (4 months onwards), because PD advice me not to do that till they are 6 months onward. Time passes so fast, our little princess starts to take some rice cereal & some porridge. When it comes to eating, she is more fussy than her brother. She will show her displeasure by puking out or closes her mouth tightly that the spoon is unable to feed through! Now she even plays with her water bottle and trys to avoid taking plain water from the bottle. I remembered our boy also went through the same phase before and we used the syringe (the type that we used to feed medicine to the children) to force feed some plain water every now and then. So I have to use the same method to our ger, and it works! Hopefully she will pass this phase quickly and be able to adapt to normal eating pattern soon….


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7th Months Old

yq010208.jpgOur little princess is now 7+ months old, recently she has been clapping her hands when we say “Pai Pai Shou!” or she will raise up her hand if we say “Hi-5!”. She’s really a fast learner, Ah ma taught her a few times and she understood what we wanted her to do. My darling is so clever!

yq010208a.jpgPurposely went to buy this mini roses elastic headband to beautify her quite hairless head. If not people kept mistaken that our princess is a boy! I guess most babies with lesser hair will go thru this phase of identity confusion!

Updated post: Forgotten to mention that our ger has started calling “papa”….I can see the joy in hubby’s eyes whenever she calls him 🙂

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Our little princess just had her 2nd pneumococcal vaccination yesterday again. The clinic assistant reaction was “Wah! your girl’s body so long hor!”, when she was measuring my ger’s height & weight. As a parent, I’m very pleased with her development. Now her weight is 8.1kg & height is 72.3cm..even her PD commented that she’s much taller than her own bro last time . Guess our little princess really has the father’s gene…:) 

A jab of pneumococcal charged at $170, but for the children’s health sake we can’t avoid saving this sort of expenses. Our little ger responded very well infront of PD Lim. We were so amused by her reaction when I put her down onto the bed, her position was the same throughout the whole examination. She dared not move or make any sound, only just kept staring at PD Lim until everything was finished. Well! She did make a bit of noise when PD Lim injected the thing into her buttock!

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No longer toothless…

Our little princess is 6+ months old now and her 2 little front teeth are going to sprout out on her lower gum pretty soon. Time to start on some semi-solid food & more teethers for her to bite on….Her progression is pretty fast as compared to her brother, as our little Prince’s teeth only started to sprout when he was in his 9th / 10th months old.


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Yesterday was our princess’s vaccination day, I had already sheduled her appointment with PD Lim to have her 6 in 1 jab + Prevenar jab…so Yong Qing was going to take 2 injections on her right & left buttock. Actually I’m quite worried because I would not know if she will react the same way as her brother. For my record, her brother never once cry when he took his vaccinations. Futhermore, she will be taking 2 jabs instead of 1. She was reacting very well during the whole process and never shed any tears too…which was a huge relief for me! PD Lim was assessing her development and told me that everything was very good. She can even start doing a bit of the tripod sitting position but still not fully stable yet (normally baby who reach 7 months will start to do this), now her weight is 7.6kg and height 69.5cm….very healthy girl 🙂


However, this morning she had slight fever….so time for barley drinks and lots of rest from now on…..

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Our little princess can finally hold the milk bottle steadily on her own before she turn 5 months. Since born, ger ger always like to use her hands to hold the bottle, grap whatever within her reach and put in her mouth. She even likes to play with her pacifier by pulling in & out by her own…Smart Girl!


I can’t help smiling at her and quickly took a few snapshots while she was drinking her milk milk!

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