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No longer toothless…

Our little princess is 6+ months old now and her 2 little front teeth are going to sprout out on her lower gum pretty soon. Time to start on some semi-solid food & more teethers for her to bite on….Her progression is pretty fast as compared to her brother, as our little Prince’s teeth only started to sprout when he was in his 9th / 10th months old.



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New Car

shrimpreza.jpgAfter a few days of “look look, see see”, we have finally decided to buy the Subaru Impreza. Although not a very impressive car but at least it’s affordable for us! Who cares as long as there’s 4 wheels to drive around in Singapore rite?

Our little prince was so excited that he “test-drive” all the cars in various showrooms, haha!


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Recently, hubby bought me the Baileys limited edition at the DFS during one of his biz trips back to Singapore….reminded myself that I used to buy a bottle of Baileys at the Melbourne airport whenever my school holidays ended. Whenever I felt stressed out during examination / assignments period, I will consume some by myself for relaxation purpose.

For the limited edition, they had came out with 2 new flavours (caramel & peppermint)…yummy yummy!



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Bad Service

Christmas eve…after we had passed all the x’mas presents to our niece & cousin nephews. My hubby decided to have the famous nasi lemak near hougang area…… Terrible mistake!

Hubby: Auntie, can give me more cucumber? (Translated from Mandarin)

Seller: You come here to eat cucumber or nasi lemak? (Translated from Mandarin)

Wah seh…nowadays seller so “hao lian” meh? My jaw almost dropped when my hubby told me what happened. I always thought that customers are always right and they should always try to satisfy the customer’s needs & wants. In my heart I was quite pissed with the nasi lemak auntie…even if she did not want to give extra cucumber, at least try to be a bit more polite and not “suan” people until like that. It’s not as if they are the only nasi lemak seller in Singapore, rite? Since their service is so terrible, I don’t foresee that we will be going back for their so called “famous” nasi lemak anymore…!

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We were so facinated by this remote control flying “Helicopter” that hubby bought his 1st Christmas present to pamper himself. haha! Not forgetting our little Prince too…he got a remote control yellow car with automated doors…cool isn’t it!


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Breakfast @ Han’s on a public holiday…..Shiok shiok…At least better than the premises we went a couple of weeks ago @ Compasspoint..the price was expensive and the portion was pathetic.


Little prince enjoying his jelly…
Little princess enjoying her beauty sleep…

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New style..

In the past, ds liked to use his own hands to bang his head or bang his head against anything when he was throwing tantrums. I tried to ignore it and he realised that this method did not work anymore. Recently, He will lie down facing the floor and cry until very “cham”…..I wonder what pattern he will come up with next!


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