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Sleep Myoclonus

Past few weeks had been a hectic & tiring period for me…(been to the clinic for a couple of times, sigh!) My little girl had acne outbreak on her face, jauntice (which PD suspected it was due to breastfeeding jauntice, I was on total breastfeeding for a mth!), plus she was diagnosed with sleep myoclonus. I had to bring her to the clinic for blood tests to check her liver, protein level…etc!

Luckily, now her jauntice level has dropped after I start to let her consume formula milk, the sympton of sleep myoclonus frequency has also decreased and her acne problem has improved.


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Our baby girl arrives into this world officially on 18th of June 2007 ( a Gemini and her birthday is 10 days later than mummy)! She weighs 3.04kg. Mummy’s waterbag burst at 12 plus in the morning and was on contraction pain for a few hours. Gynae came at around 6am to check the condition of the baby and mummy. Due to unforseen circumstances, gynae instructed mummy to get prepared for emergency c-section within 30 minutes. Feeling a bit disappointed that I can’t experience natural birth the 2nd time round.

As usual, I opt for GA (rather put myself to sleep than knowing what was happening around me). Everything was going well, except my previous ceasarian scar developed into keloid and caused the wound stuck. Gynae has to drain out all the blood clot and gave an injection to ensure no more blockage and keloid will be form in future. Papa was a bit worried this time because I came out from the operation room a few hours later. But he was relieved that everything went smoothly.

I guess now is the beginning again for me to go through the endless nights of breastfeeding and changing of diapers…haha!  

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